Resource and Mine 3D Print

QMINE 3D printed resource and mine model is a great tool for stakeholder consultation, employee training and marketing. The 3D mine model helps project proponent communicate with their stakeholders and get social license to operate and reclaim in the area.


  • Model surface can mark with erasable pen
  • Full color, high resolution surface presentation: 300 dpi to 1200 dpi, true color
  • Strong ABS material and light-weight, commercial art portfolio package provides transportation ease
  • Highly detailed and realistic infrastructure presentation


  • Resource Development and Mine site features: open pit, underground, tailings, waste rock, stockpile, heap leach, dam, pond, diversion channel, process plant, conveyor, etc.
  • Area features: terrain, air photo, road, rail, bridge, power-line, water, wetland, etc.​
  • Geological features: resource, cross section, geology​

We offer staged scenarios to show a project at pre-mining, mining and reclamation stages, which enables affected groups in or near the project area to visualize future evolvement of existing landscapes.




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