Qmine is the pioneer designer and producer of 3D printed model for mining, infrastructure and other projects. QMINE proprietary 3D printed model is a unique tool for mine development companies and infrastructure developers to present their projects to stakeholders.

High resolution physical model condenses many technical facets into a realistic miniature display. QMINE 3D model significantly simplifies communication between project proponent and general public. QMINE 3D model is frequently used for public meetings and exhibits. It provides instant overview of the entire project at one glance, engaging viewers into efficient and productive discussions.

QMINE model uses 3D printing and other technologies. Compared with a traditional manually made physical model, we have the following advantages:


We offer many standard and customized model sizes to fit your needs:

Size * Weight (Including packaging) Ideal Usage Flight convenience
~20"x26" 10-15 lb Investor Relations Carry-on
~23"x30" 13-18 lb Investor Relations Check-in
~25"x35" 15-20 lb Community Relations/Public Hearing Check-in
~32"x42" 20-25 lb Community Relations/Public Hearing Check-in
~35"x47" ~25 lb All usage Oversize

*For portability reason, we recommend building large model in tile format. For example, instead of one oversize 35"x47" model, it can be constructed with 2 pieces of 35" x 24" blocks and fit into a 25''x37'' carrying case therefore remain regular check-in size.